Salmon Bycatch in Targeted Chum Salmon Fisheries of Puget Sound 
by Stephen B. Mathews
Two recent reports compare bycatch mortalities of chinook and coho salmon during the fall Puget Sound chum salmon season, for the two major gear types – gillnets and purse seines.
Puget Sound Bycatch Report – Stephen Matthews February 2012 pdf

Steve Mathews Bycatch Report – January 2013 pdf

Study Finds Puget Sound Salmon Low in Contaminants
A recent scientific study at the University of Washington has confirmed that Puget Sound Keta Salmon is nearly free of environmental contaminants, so consumers can eat this local fish with confidence. The Washington State Department of Health recommends that Puget Sound Keta Salmon can be consumed by everyone without restriction and notes that it offers a wide range of health benefits.
Elfes and Grue POPs in Puget Sound Chum pdf