How To Buy

Make Local Salmon Your First Choice

Whether you’re a wholesale buyer or consumer, you can buy locally caught Sound Catch™ salmon directly from the source – the fisherman. Because it is caught in the marine waters of Western Washington, Sound Catch salmon can be quickly processed and delivered to the area’s distributors, grocery stores, restaurants and consumers. As with any perishable food, local harvest allows for a fresher product.

Like local farmers, fishermen run small businesses that support the local economy and provide high quality salmon at fair values for all. By supporting local fishermen, you ensure the continued availability of this precious local product. Click on the links at the right for more information about consumer and wholesale purchases of Sound Catch salmon.

Sound Catch™ Salmon Suppliers

Excel Seafoods
Wholesale and Retail Sales
David Harsila
F/V Excel
Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 546-8350
Cell: (206) 618-3824
[email protected]

Loki Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Sales
Seattle Farmer’s Markets

Pete Knutson
F/V Loki
Seattle, WA
(206) 937-1048
[email protected]

Fred Marinkovich
Wholesale and Retail Sales
F/V Bristol Sound
Gig Harbor, WA
(253) 227-8575
[email protected]

Art Peterson
Call for availability
(541) 231-2011
[email protected]

Matt Marinkovich

F/V Satisfaction
Matt’s Fresh Fish